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It occurred to me while writing this statement that anyone taking the time to read a legal notice is probably the type of courteous individual who will pay attention to its content and follow it's teachings. The person who is going to do just what she or he pleases most likely doesn't give two wet whistles what this piece has to say and will pillage our site against the rules and copyright laws. So with that in mind, thank you for reading our little privacy statement and legal information, and continue being a good citizen.


  • Ah, to be young and foolish. If you are, please don't hang around the site.
    Hands in cuffsThat's right, kiddies, this goes out to you. A few years back, the Federal Government kindly asked the states to make the legal drinking age to 21 years old. This has to do with the federally funded roads, something about irresponsibility. So anything related to alcohol is intended for those people of age. Though we have a prompt at the beginning that asks people their age, some people lie. If you have done this, you are a liar. Please leave, we don't take kindly to that kind of abuse of trust. For shame. The public library will have more information on these laws, they will also have information on your locally elected officials and state representatives and how to contact them.
    Hey parents and guardians, if you know an under age person that has given us falsified information and is on our list, e-mail us at and we'll take them off.

  • What we want here is a clean site!
    E-mails that we get are going to be posted on our message board for the whole world to see. So, if you don't mind, please try not to use all that foul language that you kids are into these days. We don't use it and we don't want to read it.. If you feel the need to swear, do it softly to your computer instead of typing it. Or, keep a jar by your computer and any time you need to curse, put a nickel in it. Soon enough you'll be able to buy that 1988 Chateau d' Yquem you've always wanted.
  • We worked hard and had a lot of beers to make this site!Man with Beer
    That's right, just like it takes a lot of whisky to make good beer, it takes a lot of beer to make a good web site. This means we really would not like it if other people started taking our stuff and using it for their own nefarious deeds. We ask you, yes you, to please not reproduce, copy, post, reuse, or modify anything on this site without getting direct permission from Star Liquor. In other words, you can play with our toys, just don't take them home with you.

  • It's been a while since our Civics class in High School, but we still know the laws.
    Graduation CapThat's right, we all graduated from high school, no cracks from old teachers please, so we know the laws of these here United States. Unfortunately, thanks to the under funded public education system, we are unfamiliar with the laws in other countries, please forgive us. Our site does comply with the laws of our country, so we hope you understand that.

  • Don't go a drivin' and a drinkin' or a drinkin' and a drivin'!
    It's just a bad idea and you shouldn't do it. Plus, the less you drive the better it is for the environment. Many cities have what's called public transportation. If there isn't a bus running at 2:00 A.M., try the local cab company, they would be happy to give you a lift.

    Well that about does it for the legal mumbo-jumbo, hope you all enjoyed it and will have a good time at our site.
    Stay tuned for the exciting Privacy Statement. It's sure to keep you on the edge of your seat.

    Here it is…What you've all been waiting for…It's

    FireThe Star Liquor Privacy Statement!Fire

    It's times like these that make life worth while. You, me, a bottle of wine, the roaring fire all around us. These are the times when you tell me all about yourself. Your dreams and aspirations, your innermost secrets (I wish you had told me about the pyromania beforehand). This is the type of setting for intimacies, the web is not, at least not for the vast majority of people.

  • The information stops here!Man With Briefcase And Gun
    On the Star Liquor web site, you may be asked some questions. These questions will be found on our Guest Book page and will be the basic "Name, Address, City, Etc…" Also, when you sign up for contests and stuff like that you will be asked to fill in the same kind of information. Fill these in if you want to, it is entirely up to you. We here at Star Liquor will be the only ones using this information, no one else. There will be no selling of names to other groups. It stays here with us, safe and sound. So don't worry about us giving information away. If you have entered information about yourself and would like us to remove it from our system, just e-mail us at and inform us that you would like to be removed.

    Solidarity Sisters and Brothers,
    Star Liquor



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