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Wines-Aussi and South of the Equator

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Links about Beer
Read Madison's Beer Authority at Madison Beer Review
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More beer geeks at Beer on the Wall
Here are some fun quotes from the Opinionated Beer Page
From the All Mighty group who bring us the Great Taste of the Midwest Beer Fest every year, it's the Madison Homebrewers and Tasters Guild's web site.
And of course all our favorite breweries are represented on the beer pages.

Links about Liquor

If you like whisk(e)y and we know you do check out Malt Advocate
What fun would life be without tastings? That is the job of the Madison Malt Society
Links about our Local Pals
Yummy pasta is just doen the street from us at RP's Pasta
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Yummy organic and natural foods can be found at the Willy St Coop
Grab a cup of the stuff that keeps Star Liquor rolling at Mother Fool's Coffeehouse
You can find all kinds of fun toys at The Kitchen Gallery
Go see Martin for some tasty caribbean cuisine at Jamerica
Need a thrift store? We are just down the street from St. Vincent DePaul
One of Madison's classic hangouts is the Crystal Corner Bar
All things Madison can be found at Madison Originals
Get some yummy pizza at the Roman Candle
As the little guy we always like the idea that we Buy Local
Adventurous and luxurious eats with the Underground Food Collective
Odd Name , Awesome food at Pig In a Fur Coat
Links about Food (eating and cooking)
For some really great Madison restaurant reviews check Eating Madison A to Z
The folks at Bon Appetit and Gourmet Magazines Bring You Epicurious
The network you just can't stop watching is The Food Network
Look into the Slow Food Movement



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